Mr Cook gets it wrong

It was a hot day at the start of summer  The Science rooms were designed so that the smaller room in the middle was only accessible through either of the two end rooms.  With the sun beating down and a “grubby” lunch anchoring you to the seat it was not a learning atmosphere. Add in a less than interesting subject from a part of the boring side of physics and most of the pupils were face down on the desk.

At the front the head of physics Mr Cook (father of the late Robin Cook MP) worked on despite the audience.  There was just one pupil still beavering away writing furiously in an exercise book.  Noticing this Mr Cook paused his lesson and walked down to the desk of that pupil, who had not noticed the lesson had paused or the impending confrontation.  Mr Cook grabbed the book and perused the contents noting they had nothing to do with physics and were instead various fiction stories.

It was then that he showed all his perception.  “Chandler” he said “You are never going to get anywhere writing silly stories”

Glenn Chandler went on to create and write Taggart, produce books and plays for the stage in London and elsewhere.

Contributed by Bruce D. Skivington (RHS 1954 to 1967)

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