Robin Cook

The RHSCL was sad to hear of the sudden death of Robin Cook.

Robin Cook attended the school from 1960 to 1964 after his father succeeded “Hoppy” Innes as Head of Science, the family having moved from Aberdeen, and was President of the Lit (where he is reputed to have learned his debating skills) in his final year. He also showed his electioneering skills by winning the school’s mock election as the Scottish Nationalist candidate.

Andrew Rawnsley writes in today’s Observer
“His colleagues are all over the airwaves this weekend paying tribute to him as one of the largest figures of his political generation. Knowing Robin Cook, he would probably remark drily that, while he’s sure they are sincere, it is just a pity that they left it until now to say so”

One comment:

  1. As an ex-classmate, I wrote to Robin a few years ago (when he was Foreign Secretary). I was thinking about a career change and I wrote on the off-chance that there might be a position in the Labour party for a middle-aged energy (petroleum) consultant. I was pleased to receive a friendly and personal reply even though he did write that the Labour party was interested only in “bright young things” and he doubted if I qualified. Unfortunately he was right on both counts.

    His voice of reason will be sadly missed in this time of soundbites and disastrous foreign policy.

    Peter George

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