Happy Days – The Nineties

Happy Days – The Neglected Nineties

Ross Crombie tells all

We went to a pokey wee comprehensive school in west Edinburgh that was always having building work done and fights up the back gate with young ‘clerrie derry’ or suspended casual nutters. It appears to me that the Eighties are a forgotten era in RHSCL, it was a good school with brilliant and encouraging teachers, plagued by strikes and the work to rule, a rector who was never there but a ‘stuff it’ we’ll make the best of a crappy lot out of it attitude.
I generally feel that the benefit of our education was that we were as good as the private sector but we never had to cow down to the ‘my daddy owns Belgium, where do you live, you oik?’ mentality. It would be nice to meet up with people who have a roughly similar attitude and background, and I hope this could be possible. It is just that the website(s) for the High are, to a visitor, a bit ‘hockey sticks’ and girls in ballgowns! I am a professional funeral director in London, so you needn’t worry that I would turn up with a dog on a string or anything; it is just that I am a wee bit shocked – everyone in the photos and web stuff looks like a candidate for ‘The Apprentice’ and as a once radical school it’s a wee bit scary.

The end of Happy Days – further contributions welcome

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