Miss Roy’s Class Primary 5A 1960

Ian Gill (RHS 1956 to 1969) sent in this Primary 5a photo taken around 1960. If you are in the photo we would love to hear from you. If anyone knows the name of the bespectacled chap standing next to David Leadbetter, or have any other comments, please use the form below. More boys had joined by the time we reached Primary 7a, see the 1962 photo of William Watsons class. If you were in 5B, with Miss Morrison in 1960, we have your picture too.



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Well—that was indeed a blast from the past!!! Strangely I could remember almost all the names apart from the guy next to David Leadbetter.You’re right about Douglas Dooner–you can remove the question mark. I always thought it was Robert Boog but my memory could be playing tricks. I remember going to the opening of the Forth Bridge (road!) with Neil McGilp and great times watching the “Edinburgh Monarchs” speedway team at Old Meadowbank with Neil McBeath.


Graeme Selkirk


“The bespectacled chap” memory does play tricks at our age but I’d put money on his surname being Fiskas or something similar.


Graeme Selkirk


See the same class 2 years later

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  1. Richard, the boy at the far right of the back row, is Richard Fisker. He appears to have left the school the following year as I can’t find him in the class lists.

  2. This was a real surprise – a pleasant one I should add. Through Neil McBeath, I find myself walking down memory lane. Since leaving school, I have moved around the UK before leaving the UK shores for Sweden. Stockholm has been my home for over 44 years now. Interesting to ge som information on some of you. The only additional information I have is Stuart Buchanan who embarked on a teaching career. Unfortunately, I believe he passed away a number of years ago.

    Happy to hear from you guys.

    Cheers Campbell Peacock.

  3. Miss Roy
    Fond memories and a lovely teacher.
    Not sure if she stayed with new arrivals each session and she was my teacher in 5A, but that would place me being in her class about 1957/58. Fellow pupils included from memory: Mike Paton (Paterson), Brian Lincoln, Jim Armstrong, Lawrence Keith, Gavin Booth, David Fraser (became School Captain), Ronald Taylor.
    Apologies if I got some of these wrong.

  4. A trip down memory lane!
    I still keep in touch with some of the legends in the above photo( Miss Roy’s 5A class). The legends are listed below:
    Grahame Lonie( residing in Aberdour), Adam Rennie(Edinburgh)Niall McGilp(Glasgow), PeterScrimgeour( North Berwick), Ian Hood(Gloucester).
    Sadly, Colin Patten died a few years ago.
    I ,personally, did not feature in the subsequent P7 class photo as my parents had moved house to Stirling. However, I did catch up with these guys when I returned to Edinburgh in order to study at the University.
    Fraser Chalmers( residing in Edinburgh)

    1. Hello Fraser. I remember you, but didn’t know where you went after leaving the Royal High. Sorry to hear about Colin Patten. I met him at the 1999 reunion for our year group. I remember him as being very witty and clever. There is an on line announcement of his death dated October 2012.

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