Club President

The President of the Edinburgh RHS Club in London

The club is pleased to announce that Paul Fleming has officially taken over as President of the RHS Club in London. We had a handover ceremony at the Drinks Party on 21.11.17 with short speeches from Fraser Wright and Paul Fleming (RHS 2003). Paul’s wife Gill was also at the party. Paul and Gill met when the were both pupils at the Royal High and Gill left the school two years after Paul in 2005.
Here is the new President’s Address
A warm welcome to all members, prospective members, friends and guests of our club – I very much look forward to getting to know you more during my tenure as incoming President. Firstly, on behalf of the committee, I would like extend our gratitude to Fraser Wright, the former President, for his contribution over the last three years to our club and it goes without saying he will be a hard act to follow – thank you Fraser. I would also like to thank the Committee members for their dedication and hard work to ensure that the RHS London Club continues to thrive year on year. I am proud to be a former pupil of RHS and equally as proud to be afforded the honour of President of the London Club. Whilst I may not have been dux of class, I have very fond memories of my time at the RHS in Barnton. The education and life skills that I walked through the doors with in 2003 (although mostly unbeknown to me then!) equipped me for both the challenges and opportunities that have crossed my path since then. It is my intention throughout my Presidency to develop and grow the footprint of our Club. In doing so I reach out to you as existing members and friends, to bring along new faces and welcome new members to keep the spirit of the RHS very much alive in London for years to come. Paul Fleming