Past and Present

The Royal High School Club in London was formed in 1888. It fell into abeyance during the First World War then started up again in 1920. Today the Club is in regular contact with around 100 former pupils of the school who live in London and the South of England. The Club also maintains close ties with the school in Edinburgh and funds three prizes which are awarded annually at the prize-giving ceremony: Dux in Art & Design, Dux in Technological Design and the Prize for an English Poem.

The Club in London is growing steadily and we are planning to add to our current programme of events: the Annual Dinner and the Pre-Xmas Drinks Party. Your Committee is delighted to receive ideas or suggestions for further activities.

If you know of any High School former pupils living and working in London or the South of England, why not tell them about us? Or better still – bring them along to the next Club event!

If you are not already a member, why not talk to our Treasurer, Alex Prentice, about organising a standing order to make sure that your annual subscription reaches us without fuss or bother.

Club contact details:

  • President: Paul Fleming
  • Email:
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Alex Prentice
  • Email:

Vivas Schola Regia!

Presidents since 1960:

Those named below have served as President of the Club (current members’ names are shown in bold type with year of leaving school).

1960Burleigh Binnie    1979Ian G Gilbert 1943
1961J A C Manson 1980Bruce Banister
1962J O Johnston 1981Sir Gordon Manzie KCB
1963D C Cousland 1982Sir Stanley Fingland KCMG
1964A L Shearer 1983Robert D Dewar
1965T D Dobson MBE 1984Alan J E Rose 1949
1966C W Cousland 1985J B McKellar
1967Sir George Gunn 1986V S White
1968Wg. Cdr J Moffat 1988Sir Gordon Manzie KCB
1969Dr J Park 1990Alastair M Maclean 1960
1970J Y Orr 1992Ian Duncan
1971G Dick Jamie 1994James H Randell
1972Jim C Rowan 1996Jeffrey T Robertson 1950
1973Peter J C Matheson 1998Wg. Cdr. Alan Robertson 1951
1974Cliff W Adam 2001Janette Scantlebury 1981
1975Dan C Logan 2004Simon Card OBE 1967
1976R S Anderson 2008Al Senter 1971
1977Ken H Lambert 2011Valerie Peay 1985
1978Bert J Davis 2014Fraser Wright 1985
2017Paul Fleming 2003   
In recent years the President’s term of office has lengthened to cover a few years. In these cases only the starting date is shown