Site Map

The site is currently divided under 8 menu tabs, all of which have sub menus apart from the Home tab.

Events–>News and Events is our Blog, where we post club news and details of upcoming club events.

Recent Events has details and photos from previous club events, usually the Annual Dinner and Winter Drinks party.

Gallery has 4 sub menu items:

  • Where Are They Now – using old group photos to reunite classmates, team-mates, band members etc.
  • Event Photos with links to further pages for each event
  • Buildings – photos of the school from the 1920’s to more recent times
  • Club Archives – documents from the club archives – school plays, Top of the Form, Royal Visit, old member lists

About is of course about the club and what it does, while sub menu item ‘Our Committee’ has mug shots and mini biographies of all the current club committee members.

Through Rose Tinted Spectacles – Robert Dunnett’s acerbic look back at his schooldays in the 60’s, in three parts

Happy Days – well happy for some. This is where former pupils and teachers can tell their tales of school life. It kicks off with ‘By Their Names Shall You Know Them’ where we hear about the nicknames applied to our teachers by the wags over the years

This is followed by stories grouped roughly by decade up to the nineties. We’d love to hear what happened at the school since then. Is it just too dull these days? All work and no play?

Also included in Happy Days is former head of music, Dr John Murray’s accounts of leading music tours to Europe.

Additional Links

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Currently these are –

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  • Site Map – this page
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