Prefects 1966- 1967

Photo from Chris Halliburton – to anyone in 1967 year (also brother Ian from 1961, father George William Halliburton and uncle Edward Dishington from 1936 (?)).

The late Ian Charleston is in the middle row.

1966-67 Prefects with Baillie T Ruthven



  1. I was in the same year as four of these students at the Junior School at Jocks Lodge in 1958-60 in ‘Willie’ Watson’s form.
    Alan Cottrell

  2. Good memories of sharing choir times and performances with Messrs Strang, Rose and Charleson (RIP).
    And FP rugby times with Douglas Currie. He escaped to make biscuits in Australia. One of us played on past a fiftieth birthday and joined a choir (Strathendrick Singers, Killearn) 8 years ago – back to Fabre Requiem, Cantique de Jean Racine and Rutter Magnificat this term.

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