Rugby and Cricket 1960-66

Johnny Melville shares his photos of school Rugby and Cricket between 1960 and 1966

Johnny Melville has sent us his photos from the 1960 Junior first XI cricket team to the 1964 – 1965 1st XV Rugby Team

Hopefully this will bring back memories for some of you so please leave a comment below.

You may also like to have a look at the photos of prefects and celebrities from 1966 which Johnny has also sent us.

Johnny comments – the unbeaten rugby XV of Colin Telfer’s year. What is weird about this pic is that Curly Bill looks like Baillie Ruthven…..were this the beginning of cloning I wonder?
Then I forgot to say your list of the RHS club members actually should include Stewart Mackinnon who is one of the biggest movie producers in the UK now. – he spends half his life in London working and half in the Newcastle area where he is building a house….  He has had an illustrious career since leaving at 16, when he became an apprentice printer. Then he got to The Royal College of Art where he excelled, then eventually entered movies somewhere around the 80s if I remember. Recently he was co-producing with non other than Ridley Scott…!!!
Anyway I have sent another pic from the 1961-2 pic of the guys – some people interesting….Back row of the  young pic 1961-2 C1 team – back row centre is Duncan Macara, to our right is again Rab Foreman, middle row far right is Stewart Mackinnon. Front row one in from the right is John Macnicol, son of the infamous Mekon (he was my best friend with Fred Warder beside him)


  1. Lots of happy memories. Was at RHS 1960-66 then Medical School Edinburgh 1966-73
    Played occasionally for RHS first 15 and for a couple of years for Cricket team first 11.
    Was a prefect in my last year

  2. I am alive and kicking and live in Fife. I was talking about you today with my brother Scott. Please e- mail me

  3. Johnny Many thanks for sharing the photos (not sure about being described as the biggest movie producer in the UK) but got such pleasure from seeing all these familiar faces and wondering what everyone is doing now – I have been in touch with Duncan McCara recently (a literary agent in Glasgow) but otherwise I lost touch with everyone when I left aged 16. Ian Murray was a good friend but one day he just disappeared – anyone know what happened to Ian?

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