Club President

The President of the Edinburgh RHS Club in London

The club is pleased to announce Fraser Wright was elected as our new President on 7th December 2014 succeeding Valerie Peay who has completed her term in office.

Here is the President’s Address

Firstly, I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome all members, friends and guest to the club.

We live in times that are marked by considerable challenge and it is important that the Club in London is able to reach out and offer succour and support to those FPs who find themselves far from the comfortable confines of Edinburgh.

I hope that through our carried social events and quiet chats at the bars we inhabit, we get the opportunity to listen to some of the challenges facing each and every one of us. Within the Club, the range of talent, insight and accumulated wisdom pretty much ensures we’ve got, at the very least, an opinion on most matters.

So my fervent desire is to get as many people as I can involved, attending, socialising, and above all; to listen and to learn from each other. Let us all aspire to reflect the school motto:

Musis Respublica Floret

(The State Flourishes with the Muses)