Emily Hogarth Interview

Royal High School biography interview
Emily Hogarth

  1. Which primary School did you attend?
    Flora Stevenson’s Primary School in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
  2. Which years did you attend the Royal High?
  3. What were your first impressions of the Royal High?
    Big! I remember feeling really grown up at ‘big’ school and enjoying being responsible – memorising timetables, figuring out where to go – it all seems very exciting.
  4. What were your favourite subjects?
    Art, Graphic design and History – definitely enjoyed the creative subjects the best as it was something at which I was quite good. Also really enjoyed history and learning about what had happened in our past.
  5. Who were your favourite teachers?
    I was lucky to have been inspired by many great teachers throughout my years at Royal High but Mr Jim Black (Graphics), Tom Bacciarelli (English), Mrs Binnie (Art), Mrs Gage (Art) and Mr Mackenzie were teachers who instilled a desire to learn, push myself, be creative and to follow my own passions, and they all made learning fun and inspiring too.
  6. What are your best memories?
    It would have to be the friends I made throughout my time there we shared many memorable times there in and outwith the classroom. Another highlight would have to be the Secret Policeman’s Ball shows that Tom Bacciarelli and Gary Snedden put on each year – they were always great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of them.
  7. What was your greatest achievement?
    Hmm this is a hard one to answer. I really don’t know what I would put as my greatest achievement from school – probably leaving Royal high with a great friendship base and a love of learning that was installed in me from my education there.
  8. What was your impression of school as you left?
    Very aware that we were all moving on and were going to miss it a lot – the friends I made throughout the years there were amazing and still some of my closest friends today. It was a very proud moment leaving knowing we were all going on to new adventures into adulthood all over the world.
  9. What did you do immediately after School?
    I went straight on to Edinburgh college of art where I did their first-year foundation course which then helped me choose my specialism in printed textiles – which I went on to do my degree in and the masters in design.
  10. What has your career been?
    I am an illustrator, working for my own company Emily Hogarth Ltd. I specialise in papercut artwork and create a range of work from personalised papercut commissions to collaborations with other brands. I am luckily to have worked on many exciting projects throughout my career including working on designs for the National Gallery of Scotland, the new Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh, Cadburys, Nivea, Red Magazine as well as publishing three books about papercutting and selling my own artwork in many Galleries throughout the UK. See more at www.emilyhogarth.com.
  11. Have you kept in contact with your contemporaries?
    Yes, I am lucky that I had great friends in school and they are still some of my closest friends today.
  12. Do you want to tell us about your family?
    I am married to Conor and we have three children together – Maggie, Finn and Rupert – as well as our much-loved Westie Mary. We currently live just outside Edinburgh in Musselburgh.
  13. What’s next for you in work, social and family?
    Workwise I am currently working on some children’s book ideas that I hope to develop further and some new prints for galleries. And alongside this I am enjoying watching my babies grow and enjoying their childhood with them as much as possible.
  14. What message do you have for today’s pupils?
    Be passionate. If you are passionate about a subject then nurture it. Whether its science, outdoor adventures, sport or like me creative – having something you are passionate about can help give you focus throughout school and help you to have a career in something you love.