Rugby 2nd XV from 1962

Did you play in a rugby team when you were at the school? This is a photo of a very determined looking 2nd XV from 1962. Rugby Team 1962 Can you name at least some of the team? Want to leave a comment below?


  1. Back: Philip Mort, Ian Anderson, Ian Gibson?, David Leadbetter, Edmund Gunkel
    Middle: Ian Hunter, Alan Ramsay, Brian Packer, Stanley Young, Eric Fenwick, Argyle Cowan
    Front: ?? Ian MacPherson, Niall Longmuir, Kelvin Gray, ??, Alastair Reid, Iain Wilson
    Seated on Ground: Alastair Duff, Fraser Finlayson

    1. Martin Gibson, Tom Hunter, Ian Bisset,(not trying to suggest my memory is better then any one else’s) RIP Stanley Young and any others who may have left us before their time.

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