Happy Days Introduction

Teachers Nicknames

The school has changed out of all recognition since some of the older FP’s attended. A few have lived to tell the tale here on the following pages.

Find out more about ‘The Boge’, ‘Pongo’,’Fifi’, ‘Penob’, ‘Horsey Shires’ et al. Start off with By their names shall you know them , then use the links on pages to cover the period from the 1900’s to the 1990’s. Bruce D. Skivington (RHS 1954 to 1967). He has 3 short films from the 60’s can be viewed on YouTube (link to follow). Read his upbeat account of school life in the late 50’s and 60’s before Health and Safety or the Sex Offenders Register had been invented, with tales of ‘Weedy’ Graham’s Geography trips, ‘Suave’ Dave Somerville’s style, the Gillespie girls and Fifi’s dancing lessons .

Read David Robb’s hair raising tales of Jockey the Terminator, Flossie and Arnold.

Mock Elections

The Royal High School did much to involve is pupils in the political process by staging a Mock Election every few years. As you may gather from the account lifted from the January 1968 Schola Regia, these occasions were the closest the school got to anarchy.

Extra spice is added to this account as our former club president stood as the Conservative candidate and arrived at the school gates on election day in considerable style.

Unfortunately we have, as yet no account of the earlier 1964 Mock Election, won by the late Robin Cook on behalf of the Scottish National Party!

Music in Europe

In 1975 head of music Dr. John Murray lead a party of 80 pupils and 10 staff to Florence at Easter to give a series of concerts. Dr John gives accounts of the European tours.

Share your Memories

If you would like to share memories of any decade at the Royal High, please add a comment below or send them to Webmaster 

By their names shall you know them

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  1. The spelling of the Reverend is MACNICOL…..and I always understood that that lady French teacher was MINNIE MINX as in the comic of the time. There was also the notorious DADDY DOW and YOUDONTWANNALEARN GOUDIN.

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