Charlie Shiel Interview

Royal High School biography interview
Charlie Shiel

  1. Which Primary School did you attend?
    a. Cramond Primary
  2. Which years did you attend the Royal High?
    a. 2009-2015
  3. What were your first impressions of the Royal High?
    a. Impressed with the scale of the school, the history, the remembrance services
  4. What were your favourite subjects?
    a. PE, Graphic design, Art
  5. Who were your favourite teachers?
    a. Ian Welsh (PE)
    b. I had a lot of teachers in the art and design subjects that were great for me to push hard and help my focus and development in the detail of things that have helped me in later life
    What are your best memories?
    c. Rugby – the proximity of the pitches to the school !
  6. What was your greatest achievement?
    a. Successfully finishing 6th year, lots of goodbyes to six-year friends
    b. Going on the South African Tour (Dad Graham was on tour)
  7. What was your impression of school as you left?
    a. Sad to leave, scary, luckily was in the Academy system
  8. What did you do immediately after School?
    a. Straight into the rugby system – the SRU Academy
  9. What has your career been?
    a. Unfunded in the SRU Academy system at school
    b. Funded – and in the Academy system after school
    c. Barber Course – Qualification to full time in a hairdressing course – SQA
    d. Played for Currie RFC Senior 2015-2017
    e. Scotland U20’s 2 years 15/16 & 16/17 – 2x 6nations & 2x U20 world championships
    f. Edinburgh Rugby – 2017
    g. Scotland 7’s – 3 world series tours (Paris, Las Vegas & Vancouver)
    h. Scotland national team – included in 6 Nations squad & summer tour to America and Argentina
  10. Have you kept in contact with your contemporaries?
    a. Yes
  11. Do you want to tell us about your family?
    a. Younger sister Lois at Uni studying PE, Dad, (Graham) – head coach of Boroughmuir (Super Six), Grandad was Dougie Morgan, Mum is head teacher at Harmeny School, Balerno
  12. What’s next for you in work, social and family?
    a. Edinburgh Rugby – just signed another year.
    b. Start University – possibly Architecture
  13. Influences at Edinburgh Rugby ?
    Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, Henry Pyrgos, Nic Groom. Coaching – Richard Cockerill, Duncan Hodge
  14. What message do you have for today’s pupils?
    a. In this modern time, especially under the circumstances of 2020, always be open to change and new ways of thinking. I’ve found when I left school it had prepared you for most things but once you leave a lot of life is about problem solving and finding solutions. You can also be your own worst enemy by overthinking, so at times I would say it’s important to take a step back and think, and don’t be afraid for help or advice.