Royal High School Buildings

Photos of the old Royal High School buildings on Regent Road, Edinburgh, and the present day building at Barnton.

In addition we have a film to mark the move from the Regent Road building to the new school at Barnton. Thanks to George Lunn for restoring this.

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The school moved to the new building, a few miles away in 1968. The images here include an artist’s impression of how the new school would look. The memorial doors and memorial stained glass windows were incorporated into the new building. There was a ‘Leaving the old school’ ceremony of June 1968, held at the Kirk of Canongate, marking the move from the Regent Road building, to the new building at Barnton.

Sadly the striking Regent Road school has been neglected over the years. At one time it was going house the Scottish Parliament, but this plan was dropped in favour of a new custom building. However plans have now been approved for it’s use as a music college

Leslie Gage has supplied some photos taken from a school prospectus of around 1925 showing the sports pavilion at Jocks Lodge, the Gym, the Art Room and the Crafts Room.