Miss Morrison’s Class Primary 5B 1960

The late Stan Young sent this photo of Primary 5b from 1960.   Neil McBeath would love to hear from you. Quite a few of the pupils had a crush on Miss Morrison (to put it politely). And where is she now?  If you were in 5a with Miss Roy in 1960 we have your photo too.


  1. Me…..Ronald (Johnny) Johnston)2nd row from back looking over Miss Morrison’s left shoulder (right if you are facing her). My my…..o tempora o mores as Fred Scott might have said!

  2. I think I can add some names…
    Back Row: #1 – John Dunn
    Middle Row: #3 – Neil McGilp; #6 – Douglas McTavish
    Front Row: #6 – Neil Coates (where #5 = Miss Morrison)

    Best regards to all my class-mates, Leo

      1. Hello Niall, yes you used to sit directly behind me in the A class. You assured me you had a tin foot, which I didn’t believe, but was unable to disprove.

    1. Front row 2nd from right – me David Mann. To my left Neil Longmuir, behind and between us – Stan Young.

  3. This brings back memories – I recognise all of the faces but some of the names elude me. I hope that someone else can fill in the blanks:
    Back: Fraser Finlayson, ??, Roderick McAra, Argyle Cowan, ??, Ian Gray, Philip Mort, Ian Finlayson, Roderick McQueen, David Smellie
    Middle: Alan Weld, Seumas Downie, ??, Alastair Reid, Ian MacPherson, ??, ? Johnstone, Mitchell Tulloch, Martin Rendle, Alan Ramsay
    Front: Ralph Barker, Gordon Grieve, ??, Ian Anderson, Miss Morrison, ??, Stanley Young, Trevor Weaver, Harry Barker
    Seated on Ground: Leo Capaldi, Derek Bottomley, Brian Packer, Niall Longmuir, David Mann, Kelvin Gray

    1. Thanks for your comments. I hope the photo brought back happy memories. The boy in the back row can’t be Fraser Finlayson as he is in the Primary 5A class photo. Could it be Neil Coats? Next to him, I am pretty sure is David Giles. (Gyles?). Martin Rendle do you mean Andrew Rendle?
      By the way did you see Colin Todd, who was in 5A, was in the news yesterday as an expert witness in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry?

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